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About us

LaserSeven aims to simplify customers’ access to custom parts procurement in the digitalage.

Our mission

LaserSeven provides a full solution, covering everything from requesting a quote to delivery, including order fabrication, to meet the specific needs of each client while ensuring quality, speed, and reliability at every stage of the process.

Our approach

Our 100% digital platform enables us to redefine the procurement process for custom machined parts, whether for single or mass production. As a new concept in supply chain management, online manufacturing is based on digitalization, automation and networking.

We make available to our customers the production capacity of a vast network of qualified, certified partners with extensive know-how in the fields of sheet metal work, CNC machining, laser tube cutting and mechanical welding.

We are the single point of contact and contractual partner to help our customers shorten the development cycle and accelerate the delivery rate of their projects.

Our corporate culture

At the core of our corporate culture is a strong customer focus, where participation and criticism are not only allowed, but expressly encouraged.

Innovation and adaptation to new technologies and market developments are also valued to remain competitive and anticipate our customers’ future needs.

Finally, integrity and ethics are fundamental principles of our corporate culture, reflecting a commitment to transparency, accountability, and compliance with the most rigorous ethical and legal standards.