Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find all the answers to the main questions regarding our platform, our services and our company.

Yes, your order is sent to you directly by the producer who is clearly identifiable.

Create your free customer account to benefit from our platform’s services. You’ll then have access to our instant quote generator. Simply upload your CAD files and get a quote in seconds.
LaserSeven is an on-demand manufacturing platform that simplifies the supply of custom metal parts. Our extensive network of specialists offers CNC machining, sheet metal work and laser tube cuVng services, for both single parts and large produc’on runs.
We take this very seriously, and guarantee the security of any drawings, sketches or images you upload to our system. Once your order has been placed, only the partner we have selected to manufacture your work will have access to your designs. What’s more, all our partner workshops are contractually bound to protect your intellectual property.

Through our extensive network, LaserSeven monitors the production capacity and availability
of our partners on a daily basis. For each order, we select not only the most suitable
workshop, but also the one with the availability to start production immediately

Yes, all orders are saved in your customer account where you can reorder them.
You can check the status of your order at any ‘me in your customer space.
Throughout the ordering process, LaserSeven remains your sole contractual partner and contact. If you are not sa’sfied with the quality of the parts delivered, please contact us and describe your problem. We will do our best to find a quick and simple solu’on to your problem.
For manufacturing procedures of complex parts such as bent parts, CNC machined parts, laser tube cuVng, as well as parts involving milling or tapping, our producers need a technical drawing with all the tolerances and information you deem necessary for the manufacture of your parts. You can add your technical drawing in PDF format a^er configuring your order.
Unfortunately not. Our offer is specially designed for professionals.
Of course, we also offer a CAD file design service for both simple and complex parts. To find out more, see our “CAD Service” sec’on.
Crea’ng a customer account and calcula’ng a quote are free of charge. The only charges you will have to pay are the manufacturing costs men’oned on the quote when you place your order.
For simple laser cutting, 2D dxf files are sufficient. Complex parts (bent parts, CNC machining parts, laser tube cutting) require 3D files, such as STEP or SolidParts.
We provide our services for all industries using metal-based parts. This includes the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical and many other sectors. You can contact us directly if you have a specific application, and we’ll be delighted to answer any ques’ons you may have about our ability to carry out your project.
Payment for your order is made by invoice, which we send you when the goods are dispatched. We accept payment by credit card or bank transfer. In certain cases, we reserve the right to require payment in advance. You can view and download your invoices at any time by logging into your LaserSeven customer account.
Our algorithm calculates the cost of the order based on a number of parameters, such as material and thickness, quantity, cutting time, part format, etc.
Need help? Contact us, our customer service team will answer all your questions.