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LaserSeven offers milling and turning capabilities using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure excellent precision machining results.
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Choose LaserSeven for your custom CNC machining needs. Regardless of the tolerance, materials, surface finish required for your parts, whether it’s for small or large series production, LaserSeven can always deliver on time.


CNC milling capacity

LaserSeven offers advanced CNC milling services. Our network of fabrication partners use cutting-edge technology, including 3 or 4-axis mills for producing parts with relatively simple geometries, as well as 5-axis mills for parts with more complex shapes. This technology reduces production times and allows for multiple operations without tool changes

• Maximum dimension

2000 x 1400 x 1000 mm

•• File formats



CNC turning capacity


CNC turning is a material removal machining process, typically used for the production of cylindrical parts. The movement of the cutting tool along an axis parallel to the rotation axis of the piece produces the required shape. 

Turning can perform various operations such as facing, boring, threading, etc.
LaserSeven partners are capable of machining parts in a wide range of materials, including metals such as steel and aluminum, titanium and copper alloys. It is suitable for both prototypes and mass production.

Our extensive network of partners allows us to access a wide range of CNC machining capabilities that can meet the needs of precision engineering.


• Maximum dimension

1000 mm

•• Diamètre maximal


••• File formats


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CNC machining materials

You will find below a list of materials available for CNC machining. All of these materials are available in the LaserSeven quotation engine. If you need a specific material, please contact

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We have a dedicated team to ensure that your parts consistently meet your quality expectations.

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