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Metal Design Lab

Explore the future of design with our custom CAD service. Welcome to the world of infinite creation and limitless innovation

LaserSeven for CAD modeling of your parts

Explore the infinite possibilities of metal design with our Computer Aided Design (CAD) support service. Dive into the heart of innovation, where every detail counts and every idea comes to life. Our dedicated metal CAD team is here to guide your journey, from conception to realization. Discover a new dimension of metal creativity, where technology and expertise meet to shape the future of metal part design. Welcome to a world where precision and efficiency merge to create exceptional solutions.

Talk with our engineers

We’re happy to help you plan, design and optimize your CAD components.

Expert recommendation

Optimize the functionality of your metal parts with expert design advice from LaserSeven. Our commitment to excellence ensures optimal manufacturability for superior results.

3D modeling

Explore the performance of your parts with our in-depth simulations to assess the quality and durability of your parts under various conditions.

Reverse engineering

If required, we can help you create CAD models from existing parts, using 3D scanning and reverse modeling techniques.

2D technical drawing

In order to faithfully implement your concepts with our manufacturers, it is often essential to have a technical drawing. In the absence of the PDF drawing that meets your requirements, we offer you the possibility of producing it with our assistance.

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