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On-line bending services

Take advantage of exceptional metal bending services for custom prototyping and the manufacture of high-quality parts, all at competitive costs and with fast lead times.

Metal bending services

Our sheet-metal bending service

LaserSeven’s sheet metal bending service is based on the use of electric and hydraulic press brakes, suitablefor projects of any size to match your designs



V-bend, U-bend, rolling, rotary bending

Maximum bending length

Up to 4140 mm

Sheet metal bending capacity

Up to 130 tons

Maximum material thickness

Up to 32 mm

Order your parts with a simple process in seconds

Metal bending advantages

Metal bending involves deforming a metal part into a three-dimensional shape.LaserSeven’s bending service effectively meets the functional and aesthetic requirements of a variety ofindustries.

LaserSeven for online manufacturing of sheet metal parts

LaserSeven provides an online quoting platform with advanced features, streamlining your ordering and manufacturing processes. Don’t waste your time sending e-mails, get interactive quotes in seconds, optimize your orders immediately, compare multiple quotes and manage all your orders in one place.

Instant quotes

Get instant quotes, allowing you to compare prices for different specifications, quantities, raw materials and surface finishes. You can then choose the solution best suited to your requirements and budget.

Real-time order tracking

Our online plaLorm provides immediate transparency on the parts manufacturing process, enabling more efficient operational monitoring and greater responsiveness to any potential unfavorable modifications.

Single-source order management

Access, track, and administer all your orders through a unified and simplified platform. Get a global view of all stages of the production process and all aspects of manufacturing.

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