Online CNC drilling services

Benefit from on-demand CNC drilling services for rapid prototyping and series production. Order custom-made parts in high-quality metals and plastics.

Online CNC drilling services

Our CNC drilling service

Similar to turning and milling, drilling is a subtractive manufacturing process.Through our extensive network of manufacturing partners, we have access to a wide variety of CNC drillingcapabilities, meeting the demands of precision engineering.


Drilling diameter

Up to 50 mm

Drilling depth

Up to 300 mm

Diameter tolerances

From +/- 0,05 mm to +/- 0,2 mm


Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, engineering plastics

Order your parts with a simple process in seconds

LaserSeven for online manufacturing of CNC-machined parts

LaserSeven provides an online quoting plaLorm with advanced features that simplify ordering and manufacturing processes. Don’t waste time sending e-mails, get interactive quotes in seconds, optimize yourorders immediately, compare multiple quotes, and manage your orders in one place.

Instant quotes

Get instant quotes, allowing you to compare prices for different specifications, quantities, raw materials and surface finishes. You can then choose the solution best suited to your requirements and budget.

Real-time order tracking

Our online plaLorm provides immediate transparency on the parts manufacturing process, enabling more efficient operational monitoring and greater responsiveness to any potential unfavorable modifications.

Single-source order management

Access, track, and administer all your orders through a unified and simplified plaLorm. Get a global view of all stages of the production process and all aspects of manufacturing.

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